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L'Angevine on Yellow headed blackbird.
oh très intéressante recherche

cherith on The Heron and the turtle.
Thank you.

L'Angevine on The Heron and the turtle.

L'Angevine on Balance
Beau gris

cherith on Balance
Thank you.

omid on Balance

L'Angevine on Danciing in the sky.

cherith on Bald eagle.
Thank you

cherith on Soaring eagle.
Thank you.

cherith on Young eagle.
Thank you.

cherith on Giving me a show.
thank you

L'Angevine on Giving me a show.

omid on Giving me a show.
Amazing series!

L'Angevine on Young eagle.
oh excellente recherche

L'Angevine on Soaring eagle.
bonne recherche dans ce cliché

L'Angevine on Bald eagle.
superbe les ailes

omid on Soaring eagle.
very nice series! Amazing shot!

cherith on Female bald eagle.
Thank you.

omid on Female bald eagle.
very nice shot! A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!

John on The point.
Beautiful shot

L'Angevine on Christmas ornaments
génial la boule

omid on Christmas ornaments
:) Lovely! ... Merry Christmas!

Robert D. Burr on Christmas ornaments
Merry Christmas

L'Angevine on The point.

L'Angevine on Walk this way.

beach on The point.
Great shot

Shahin Bahremand on Walk this way.
well done

L'Angevine on Spotted lake 2

L'Angevine on Spotted lake.

Darkelf Photography on Spotted lake.
Interesting and unusual landscape.

Shahin Bahremand on Spotted lake.
perfect shot

L'Angevine on A place to rest.

farNaaz50 on A place to rest.
Lovely place for that ..

L'Angevine on Homeless feeding gulls.

L'Angevine on Reaching for the sky.

L'Angevine on Watchful eye.
superbe les cornes

Shahin Bahremand on Watchful eye.
well done

Frances on Watchful eye.
A superb image. Excellent detail. Great capture.

L'Angevine on Lady goat.

omid on Lady goat.
:) Amazing portrait!

L'Angevine on Just having a rest.
beau et bien camouflé

Shahin Bahremand on Just having a rest.
wonderful shot

L'Angevine on "Must you."

Ronnie 2¢ on Just having a rest.
Looks a comfortable spot.

cherith on Mountain goat.
Je vous remercie de prendre le temps de voir et de commenter mes photos. Je vous remercie.

Harry on "Must you."
nice wildlife shot

L'Angevine on Mountain goat.
j'adore le rendu et le cadrage

Dimitrios on Mountain goat.
cool & warm!

L'Angevine on Mrs. Beaver
oh j'adore cet animal ,tous les rongeurs à rai dire

L'Angevine on chip on a stick

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